Why floral print trends are always power fashion

power fashion

Though you might be excused for believing that flowers are only for springtime, stylists are making a strong case for October blooms this year. But what is the appeal of flower power, and how would you integrate it into your clothing? With the seventies-inspired feel of heavier, moodier designs starting to show no signs of fading, let’s take a look at a few reasons why the flowery style would be always there. When you want to purchase printed dresses make sure you visit https://au.hellomolly.com/collections/printed-dresses/.


  • It can be worn as top and bottom: Floral motifs are suitable for a remarkable variety of stylistic scenarios. Floral pattern clothes are not only appropriate for official functions like business or marriages but they may also be worn on the weekends or to a concert. There are methods to infuse flower power onto practically any fashion if you possess bohemian instincts or are more like a rocker woman at spirit. Floral designs may be featured on staid and informal garments at different cost ranges, from a formal evening dress suit to a beachside ready dress.
  • A sophisticated floral dress for an executive event may be a gorgeous standout item that talks for its own. Likewise, if you don’t want to devote yourself to wearing flowers from top to foot, a solid shade on top with flowers on the lower half may offer an exciting shift of attention to counterbalance top-heavy types of bodies. To keep stuff informal, pair a ruffled flowery shirt, such as some of the ones featured in our store, with denim for a stylish yet comfortable appearance.
  • Printing possibilities: Florals, like any other print, may be available in a multitude of forms, designs, and textures. There are limitless choices of colors and patterns to fit your emotions and interests, ranging from gentle cherry floral prints to strong peonies and daisies. Delicate pastels and hazy hues, for example, could be paired with some other neutrals and light denim. Vibrant, fruity, and acidic hues, on the other hand, maybe blended with other vibrant colors to create an eye-catching style that is guaranteed to turn heads.
  • Rich and dark hues, on the other hand, may give a more rocker or medieval atmosphere and pair nicely with dark tones, blacks, and leather. Shorter prints might be a wonderful initial excursion into the realm of flowers in regards to printed form. Larger designs, on the other hand, may accentuate the features of bigger fitting and are a different concept to adopt statement clothing. Furthermore, patterns applied on a specific section of the cloth might offer a modern touch to a rather traditional ensemble.

Finally, florals are a great way to add some individuality to your office clothing.