Goals of Yoga and Yoga Classes

Yoga is a meditative process of self-discovery and liberation. It is considered a diversified collection of practices that aims to control the mind. It helps in freeing oneself from the cycle of birth and death. It helps you to see yourselves clearly and truly for who you are. It provides you with tools that help in better decision-making and encourages you to live more fully. Asana helps provide physical and mental stability. It also heals people’s minds and sanity.

Yoga is a practice that helps you to transform and purify our bodies, souls and minds. One can learn about asana and practice its form in yoga classes. It expands your consciousness and connects with the nature around you. It also gives one access to teach you about awareness, compassion, acceptance, patience, gratitude, self-love and joy.

Yoga and its spread in the Western World

Yoga is not only about the asanas that we mostly see. It is more about experiencing the ultimate reality.

Yoga in modern times is a collection of techniques that involves meditation, control of breath and performing various physical postures that bring mental stability and peace.

Today’s Yoga is modernised and is increasingly becoming more popular in the West. It is easily understandable and performed by various age groups people. It is considered an exercise to harmonise physical and mental energy. It is a medium to connect with the reality.

In 1863 AD, one of the greatest yogi Swami Vivekananda, travelled west and began to popularise yoga practices in the West. He preached about the importance of asana and its principles in the West.

He also translated several Sanskrit language Yoga texts into English, So that non-Sanskrit people could understand the language.

Paramahansa Yogananda travelled to Boston and took part in the World Religious Fair to spread Kriya Yoga to the Western World.

In 1896 Yogi Shivapuri Baba, was invited by Queen Victoria of England to give her private lessons on asana. He also met with President Theodore Roosevelt.

Since the 1950s, there have been several establishments of various yoga institutes and organisations giving yoga classes. Yoga has been a trending topic. It was everywhere in Radios, newspapers, magazines and online. The enriching value of asana and its values are being realised by Westerners who accept asana openly. They included asana in their daily lives as an exercise and to live a healthy life.