What are CBD Gummies?

What are CBD Gummies?

CBD Gummies is a subcategory of CBD Edibles. It usually refers to gummy bears with concentrated doses of cannabidiol, or CBD, the non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis plants that produces medicinal and therapeutic effects without influencing the mind or body. Some people believe that gummy bears provide a fast dosage delivery system because they melt on the tongue and release their contents at once, while other people think that it’s easy to increase dosage by eating more than one there are many different kinds of Overall Best CBD Gummies On The Market out there including chocolates and lollipops.

Organic CBD Gummies

CBD gummies are actually a mixture of two different kind of ingredients. The main ingredient is usually concentrated CBD oil and the other ingredient is sugar, which helps to make the gummy bear hard if you want to eat more than one. The sugar helps to mask the taste and keep it from being too bitter. This type of CBD edible is sometimes called a “canaG”.

Your Choice Gelatin Gummies

The term “gummy” can be used to describe any soft or crunchy treat, even though most are made with gelatin or gum arabic instead of insects and worms. A lot of people use it to describe these kinds of CBD gummies because there is little bit of crunch and you can actually tell it’s made with gelatin by the soft consistency. The cannabinoid content in this type of edible is weak, typically less than 20% on average, but because they have the right properties many people prefer them over regular gummies.

Overall Best CBD Gummies On The Market

What is the difference between CBD Gummy and CBD Oil?

There are not really any major differences between using regular marijuana-based edibles and using CBD oil edibles but there are a couple things that make them unique.

1.) The effects from each can be extremely different.

2.) CBD oil gummies usually have a higher dosage than regular edible (30-100mg, depending on brand).

3.) Ingesting high doses of CBD oil can be dangerous, so you should always start with small doses and dose them up as needed. Starting with a high dose could cause nausea, vomiting and may cause you to black out or even have a seizure.


Though they look very similar to each other they differ greatly in the dosage that can be achieved by eating them and the effects on your body. It’s always good to start off with small doses and increase the dosage as needed.

Let’s talk about a CBD gummies brand called “Blaze” make by Blue Moon Hemp. They have a special vegan formula that is high in CBD and very low in THC, which means it will not get you high but can still be used as an edible. It contains no wheat, gluten or soy and contains no GMO’s or artificial coloring so that is makes it very healthy for you if you are trying to avoid those ingredients.