What can and can’t be done with HDB renovations?

What can and can’t be done with HDB renovations?

As they all know, public housing in HDB is subject to a slew of laws and restrictions. When planning your remodeling, keep the following guidelines in mind. Before hacking, submit all intentions to HDB for approval: hdb bto 4 room renovation package Some load-bearing walls, columns, beams, and slabs cannot be removed, relocated, or changed. These are normally colored in full black or grey on any floor plan. Other walls, while not load-bearing, conceal vital wiring and pipes that cannot be removed. To be on the safe side, present all designs to HDB for clearance before you start hammering. Pre-packaged cement screed: In dry areas, HDB now requires the use of a pre-packaged cement screed. This results in a more consistent surface, but it is also more expensive than conventional cement. For the next three years, the BTO bathroom floor and walls cannot be changed: Renovation work just on the walls and floors of any new BTO bathroom is prohibited for three years. This is due to the waterproof barrier that prevents water from leaking into the unit underneath. If you want to choose to ignore the limitation and seepage occurs, then are responsible for the expense of fixing the mess on our neighbor’s property.

The front door must be retardant:

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If users wish to repair their front door, be sure that the new door is also fire-rated. Most HDB front entrances are designed to keep smoke and fire contained within the unit, preventing them from spreading to the stairwells or living lobbies. Changes to windows and grilles are strictly prohibited. Visitors may not dismantle or interfere with the HDB-installed safety rails or grilles. You may change out the windows… However, full-height, 34-height, and glass panels are not permitted. You can’t put outward-opening windows in windows that face the common hallway. And, in the case of balconies with such a sliding glass door, that door is still there because glasses are not permitted, so don’t touch it.

Renovation contractor:

Because you’re only paying for the hard lifting, this is the cheapest of the three options. Going contracting company is a smart method to control your budget if you have the time and confidence to be in charge. They usually charge according to the cost of building materials. Contractors for renovations must be controlled and given explicit instructions. As a result, this choice is best for those who know precisely what they want, hdb bto 4 room renovation package including the technical details. You’ll almost certainly need to take some time off somewhere to stay at home and supervise the activities.