The Different Types Of Headphones: A Guide

Learning Some Safety Precautions When Using Earphones

What are the best headphones for me? What kind of headphones should I get? We understand – simply searching for “headphones” on a search engine or online shopping site may make this process much more difficult than it was when you initially started, because the ways you may narrow down your headphone search get rather complex and, in the end, chaotic.

We simply highlighted the “types” briefly in our headphones guide to provide you with recommendations and choose the “best pair.” When it comes to headphone capabilities and fits, we went into even more detail today to help you grasp what all of these “ear,” “in,” and “over” superlatives mean. Let’s get started!

Headphones with a Closed Back

Closed-back headphones, regardless of the application, are a popular choice for people who like to insulate themselves from outside noise when listening to music. This technique reduces background noise, keeping the music free of outside interference regardless of location, while also producing an isolated audio experience, allowing you to hear only the sounds you wish to hear.

Headphones for On-Ear Use

On-ear headphones, as the name implies, go over the head and lay on top of the ears. When it comes to on-ear vs. over-ear headphones, On-ear headphones are a bit smaller and sit comfortably on top of them, whereas over-ear headphones are a little larger and include padding around the cups to engulf your ears.

Headphones for Over-the-Ear

This type of headphones is the finest for noise suppression since they create an intimate environment between you and the sound you’re listening to. They offer a great capacity for limiting noise leakage, allowing you to hear what you want while allowing outside noise to escape. Visit Addicted to Audio’s headphone stands now.

In-Ear Headphones

In-ear headphones, sometimes known as ‘canal phones,’ are the most portable and popular headphone kind available right now. Due to the ease of use, if you aren’t home, semi-pro, or professional studio artist or engineer, this is one of the fastest growing styles in the headphone market.

Learning Some Safety Precautions When Using Earphones


Earbuds, as opposed to in-ear headphones, can be thought of as little speakers that sit on the outside of the ear. The white earbuds that Apple includes with their goods are the most prevalent and recognized model; they don’t have as narrow of a design and don’t penetrate your canal as much, but are simply larger circles that press on more of your ear.

Headphones with Noise Cancellation

Thanks to certain built-in technology, these actively reduce the sound you hear from your surroundings, creating a relaxing setting for listening to music or sound. The internal engine achieves this by monitoring lower frequencies in your environment and produces an equal and opposite frequency that cancels out the sound picked up by the small microphone.