Delta 9 Brands: Our Story

Delta 9 Brands: Our Story

Delta 9 Gummies are a new form of cannabis energy gummy designed to provide the medicinal benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive effects. As such, the Variety of Delta 9 Gummies are reputed for their ability to provide cannabis energy and relaxant properties without the intoxication.

Active Ingredients

The active ingredients in Delta 9 Gummies are THC and CBD, with 3 mg THC and 3 mg CBD per gummy. These ingredients have both been shown to be beneficial for anxiety relief, pain relief, nausea reduction, insomnia improvement and other medical conditions. The products also contain 5 mg of B Vitamins which help convert food into energy as well as relieve stress related symptoms (ex: irritability).

Variety of Delta 9 Gummies

Delta 9 Gummies vs. Traditional Cannabis Edibles

Delta 9 Gummies are similar to traditional cannabis edibles in that they provide medicinal benefits without the high. The main difference, however, lies in the fact that traditional edibles are made using cannabis oil which is heated into a butter and then combined with other ingredients (ex: flour, sugar, eggs) to create delicious treats like cookies or brownies. The oil can become overcooked leading to a bitter taste and an overly strong effect from the THC. Delta 9 Gummies bypass these issues by not heating any part of the plant material so that all of the flavor and effects are preserved.

Delta 9 Gummies vs. Traditional Cannabis Tinctures

Delta 9 Gummies are also quite similar to traditional cannabis tinctures which are made using cannabis oil soaked in alcohol for an extended period of time. The oils from the marijuana plant in both products are the same except that tinctures generally contain a higher concentration of CBD than THC whereas gummies have more THC than CBD. So at first glance, both have the same medicinal benefits, but gummies will be stronger and more potent when it comes to relaxing and eliminating pain.


Delta 9 Gummies come in packages of 5 gummies, 10 gummies and 25 gummies. The recommended dosage for these products is to take one or two with an 8oz glass of water (or juice) at the beginning of the day when you need relief. If you take them consistently, it can take about 30 minutes for the effects to be felt, but this time frame can vary based on body chemistry and metabolism. If you are taking them as a preventive measure it is advised that you start by taking half a gummy to see how your body reacts before increasing up to two or more per serving.