The Health Benefits of Using the Right Mattress

Using the Right Mattress

Everyone knows that getting enough sleep is good for your health as a whole. There are many good things about getting your full eight hours of Back to Sleep, like improving your memory, helping you lose weight, and even making your immune system stronger. But could your bed be getting in the way of a good night’s sleep and better health? Some of the most important health benefits of a high-quality mattress have been pointed out by a major furniture store.

Good alignment of the spine

If you don’t feel supported enough, it’s probably because your mattress is too soft. When you sleep on a spring mattress, your weight may be too heavy on your shoulders and hips, which can cause muscle tension in your lumbar region, which is not supported. Choose a mattress that supports the curve of your spine to avoid this.

Stop the pain.

If you have back or joint pain all the time, it’s likely that your mattress is to blame. For pain-free sleep, you need to be in the right position. Your mattress should keep your spine in a straight line all night. It should also relieve pressure points and help you stand up straight, which will help keep you from hurting.

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Stop snoring

Snoring happens when you sleep and your airway is partially blocked. It’s often linked to sleeping on your back, but it could also be because of your mattress. If it sags too much when you lie down on it, your head and neck won’t get enough support. This makes your throat close up, which makes you start snoring. Choose a medium-firm mattress if you don’t want to snore while you sleep.

Stop rolling around in bed.

If you toss and turn a lot at night, it makes it hard to sleep, especially if you share a bed. This is because when you roll over, you send out “motion waves” that travel through your mattress. These waves will be absorbed by a firm, high-quality mattress, so even if your partner turns over or gets out of bed, it’s less likely to wake you up.

It lessens your stress.

If you get a better night’s sleep, you may feel less stressed. If you don’t get enough sleep, your body makes more stress hormones, which raises your blood pressure. A good mattress can help you sleep well and often, which keeps your blood pressure low and your mood calm.

It lessens the effects of allergies.

Dust mites like to live in mattresses, and you can’t get rid of them. Unfortunately, they’re also the main cause of allergies inside. Mites are less likely to live in a mattress with a denser structure because there isn’t as much room for them to live.