What are essential oils, what are their properties

essential oils

Essential oils are concentrates of vegetable raw material, which are obtained directly from plants, flowers, fruits, seeds, roots or the bark of vegetables. Its use, increasingly widespread in cosmetics, is due to the benefits that its properties provide for both the body and the mind. In the case of aromatherapy, they are also used for therapeutic purposes.

Most of the essential oils are obtained using a technique of distillation and cold pressing, which allows obtaining the necessary components in this case the liquid of the essential oil, which the plants contain, preserving the specific properties of the plant of the plant. What do you obtain.

Among its main characteristics, the great effectiveness of its benefits stands out, since they help to optimize the properties that creams or treatments provide us. They have a high absorbent power , in addition to improving blood circulation , relieving physical or psychological ailments and even combating delicate anti- inflammatory processes .

From Zea, it is recommend for the correct use of essential oils, not to confuse them with vegetable oils, since the latter are obtained by pressing fruits or seeds and are oils made up of different fatty acids .


How are essential oils applied?

Essential oils, as they contain highly concentrated plant extracts and given their purity, should be used with some caution.It is not recommended to apply them directly on the dermis, but the correct thing is to mix it with a carrier oil such as almond vegetable oil, jojoba, sesame or apricot oil if you prepare a body oil or massage oil, or add them to creams, lotions, gels or shampoos but bearing in mind that the dosages of the use of oils have a maximum recommended dosage, which you can see at the end of the article and within our website, in the file of each product.

There are as many essential oils as there are plants, so to choose the essential oil that best suits your skin type or dermatological problem that you need to treat.

Properties of essential oils for health:

Essential oils do not generate fat , but rather help regulate it.

Creams with essential oils act by promoting skin hydration .

By adding the oil to the cream we provide therapeutic properties that help regenerate, heal and stimulate circulation, among other benefits.

Depending on the essential oil that we want to use, we can achieve great benefits such as reducing stress, counteracting insomnia, reducing anxiety, relieving ailments…

Some of the essential oils are recommended in states of depression , since they help to improve states of sadness, increase mood and can even be used to sanitize rooms with sick people.