Should a marriage be traditional or modern?

Marriage be traditional or modern

A marriage is when a man and a woman accepts to merge themselves into a relationship for lifelong and accepts to share all their happiness and sorrows without leaving one another alone. But these days, it has become more money minded which are affected by dowry system and looking for the status of each other instead of considering the character match of the couples.

If you are a men or women of this generation, then do consider the things given below in this article before planning to marry. They are as follows,

  • The type of wedding that the couples decide to have can be anything from being fully modern or traditional or partially modern or traditional or some other type. Apart from the type of wedding that the couples and their families decides to have, there are lots of things that the bride and groom has to make sure before initiating this act. One should get to know about the characters of every one of the families of each other to decide if it would suit your needs. Because it becomes a main reason for the couples to get divorced after few years of marriage. Every one has their own wishes about the character of a husband or a wife and their family. Failing to see such things in the same would lead to many issues afterwards. Nothing can hold you back to this relationship without a strong trust and bond between each other.
  • You could proceed with the marriage rituals if you every one of the wishes except few that can be managed is perfect. Coming to the marriage, it can either be traditional or modern based on how the couples would like to have. In this year because of the pandemic situation going on, every one of the functions are made simple with only close relatives and not much more. Even though this could be disappointing for the rich people, it is one of the best times for the middle class people to make the function more budget friendly as well as with less efforts. Always try to spend less on luxurious decorations and other things in a wedding or any other function and give importance for giving food to needy people or it could be saved for your ownselves without wasting it for useless decorations. Save money by planning efficiently on these rituals.