Tarot Reading: What You Need To Know Before Getting A Reading

Tarot Reading: What You Need To Know Before Getting A Reading

Tarot reading is a popular alternative to therapy. The Best online tarot reading websites has been used by the famous, such as: George Washington, Carl Gustav Jung, William Butler Yeats, and Kahlil Gibran.

But before you get your first tarot reading, there are some things about it that you need to know. Here are some of the basics about tarot cards and what makes them so effective in divination.

  1. The Origins of Tarot

Tarot cards have been traced back to the year 1091 when they were first used in a game called Trionfi. They then made their way into divination and fortune telling in the 17th century.

It wasn’t until the 20th century that tarot found its way into New Age culture, when it was discovered by occultists who use it for divination and magic tricks.

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  1. There Are Many Types of Tarot Cards, They Work Differently and Look Different

There are many types of tarot cards, but generally speaking there are two types: detailed arcana cards and more general court cards which do not carry as much meaning with them.

The detailed arcana cards are the ones that look like what you see above. They have a series of images which represent different aspects of the universe and their interactions with each other. You can tell an arcana card from a court card because arcana cards have titles on them.

The court cards are about the people in your life, or how you view yourself and others around you. The minor arcana carry even less meaning, usually just showing a scene or a symbol relevant to the question you are asking.

  1. There are a Few Basic Rules that All Tarot Readers Follow

One of the basic rules is to never ask a question aloud. A tarot reader will read you their tarot card to indicate the answer. The answers are always written in the cards, so if you ask them aloud, they will not be able to read it for you. This is why most tarot readers will give you both a general background about each card and an interpretation of your question before giving it to you for reading.

For instance, you may see two cards of the same type on my spread: The Two of Wands and The Two of Swords. The first one is a card of stability, while the second is a card of illusion. So if you were to ask you, “Do you see stability in your future? Are things slowing down?” Then you may lay down The Two of Wands as my first card. Then you would use The Two of Swords as my second card to indicate that things are not what they seem or that there may be some sort of trickery at play.

It is important to remember that tarot cards are like tea leaves or the lines in your palm; they need to be read together with all the other factors in order for a proper interpretation to be made.