Pipe or Bong for Weed: Find the Best Option

Bong for Weed

When it is about smoking bowls, you will find two primary options: glass pipe and bong. Both the types can get this job done, however they have got unique differences that the cannabis smokers should be complete aware of. In this article, we will check out more about it and learn about Bongs & Water Pipes – TokePlanet.

More seasoned smokers can find that pipe suits them much better, since it provides smoother, cleaner, and larger hits. Alternatively, some people may find that they like small hits & portability of hand pipe. These are some considerations. Since you will discover soon, there’s much more to bong and pipe debate.

Bongs & Water Pipes - TokePlanet

Shape of a Bong

Bongs generally come in different shapes, all with their own distinguishing features, characteristics, and functionality. So, these are some basic kinds of the bong shapes:

  • Beaker Shaped. This shape of bong gets its name from laboratory look-alike & has wider base compared to straight neck bong that gives it higher stability. This is also clean and simple to use.
  • Straight Tube. This bong is what it appears like. It’s a simple and straightforward design, which is clean and simple to use.
  • Percolator Bong. The bong is also referred as bubbler, will come in any size or shape. What makes the bubbler bong is there’s the piece of glass, which dissipates its smoke before passing over the water. It causes bubbling and percolating effect and giving its name.
  • Multi-Chamber. The bong is also called recycler bong, is the new twist on your old straight bong. Straight tube gets separated in connected chambers; the chambers have got endless variations on shape and size. Every chamber serves as the filter for smoke, cooling it to create the smoother and comfortable sensation.
  • Gravity Bong. This bong generally comes in different varieties; common theme among all of them is they make use of water for creating vacuum in drawing out smoke to get inhaled. Bongs produce intense smoke hits.

For the stronger high, you may add cannabis concentrates over the bong. Whereas concentrates normally will not burn well on its own, you will have to mix various products like Wax or Shatter to dry the cannabis flower for better effects.

Many users use bongs for smoking tobacco. Purchasing loose tobacco & smoking this out of water pipe is healthier than smoking it from cigars and cigarettes, since it removes most of the harmful components.