Who Can Guide You Through the Process of Company Incorporation

company registration

Because of the business-friendly policies of Singapore, new businesses are being set up. The trade and business thrive in Singapore and every business owner dreams of expanding the company in a foreign land. Before you set up a company in Singapore, you need to be aware of certain things like company incorporation and company registration. If you are aware of and know the rules and regulations pretty well, the process becomes smooth and easy. But with incomplete knowledge, you can face numerous problems.

Need of company registration

It is not hidden from anyone that Singapore is a hub for trade and businesses. If you are going to start a company, you need to create an identity for it an identity is the first thing that reaches the customers.

For the whole process of registration and corporation to be conducted without any problem, you need a service provider. The BoardRoom is one of the many providers that can guide you through the way. The registration is the primary step – it doesn’t matter if you are a local or foreigner. You along with your company need to strictly follow the rules and regulations.

Steps of company registration

The complex web of rules can be overwhelming at the initial steps. But the whole process can be simplified by the following steps:

  • Choosing a name

The identity of the company means you need to decide on a name. Ensure that the name you pick is available for the registration.

  • Type or domain of the business

The next step is the allocation of the unique code for the business type by a regulatory body. It lets the government know about what kind of business you operate – whether a tech-based or restaurant. You also have to see if you require a license or qualify for exemption of tax.

  • Securing the checklist

After the above steps, you need to get your checklist that includes the required documents. Everything provided in the above steps is visible on your checklist.

Why BoardRoom?

You might be thinking about why you should pick the services of the BoardRoom when it comes to the company registration. There are many reasons for it. The company works with businesses to help or guide them through every phase and ensure that the businessman has the knowledge required for company incorporation.

The company is dedicated to its clients and ensures there is no barrier to communication. The services have a vast experience of over five decades.