Post Delivery Tips – Is Having A Confinement Food Menu Necessary?

Food Menu Necessary

If you are a new mother and on the verge of having confinement foods or not then, this guide is for you. Experts say that it is. During pregnancy and after giving delivery, a new mother undergoes significant emotional and physical changes. It would take time for her uterine function, strength, energy, and joints to return to their pre-pregnancy state. Confinement is required to allow the mother to fully recover following childbirth. Eating the right food from the confinement food menu at the right time is crucial to a good confinement recovery. During the confinement period, which should last between 6 and 8 weeks, all moms are recommended to take a rest. The following are the advantages and significance of confinement after childbirth.


Restore blood circulation


During childbirth, women have a lack of qi and blood, as well as poor physical health, because they must exert a great deal of physical energy. To help remove and unblock the circulation and qi in her body throughout the confinement time, she should avoid eating cold foods. New mothers should take warm food that would need to be prepared as per the confinement food menu. However, Chinese TCM medicine aids in the restoration of blood and qi, allowing the mother to recover more quickly.

confinement food menu


Back Pain problems


Back pain is a typical complaint among pregnant women. During her postpartum confinement, mothers should get enough rest and avoid standing for lengthy periods or lifting heavy objects. She should eat foods that strengthen her liver, kidneys, and bones because they will help her improve and prevent back pain. 


Avoid postpartum depression


Women suffering from postpartum depression may benefit from appropriate rest, healthy nutrition, and tonics. It is critical to maintaining excellent physical and mental health. Herbal tea provides numerous health benefits, including the reduction of heart palpitations, sleeplessness, irritability, and chest tightness, and is strongly recommended for intake throughout the postpartum confinement month.


Prevent constipation


Constipation is also one of the complaints from new moms. It can be avoided by eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, eating high-fiber foods like whole-wheat bread and brown rice, and using traditional Chinese medicine during the 3rd and 4th weeks following delivery.


The last words

The period of confinement varies from person to person. The mother will benefit from a longer period – the longer the period, the better she will feel. Healing is a lengthy process, not something that happens overnight. The minimum confinement length should be one month; however, one should not hesitate to extend it. This is especially difficult for working mothers, whose jobs can be demanding. Single moms suffer additional difficulties with confinement because they are the primary breadwinners for their families, which tempts them to have a shorter confinement duration. If you still have queries or confusion about having it done, you must contact a confinement center to inquire more about the recovery process.