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People with learning disabilities have trouble learning new things in any aspect of their lives, and their communication skills suffer as a consequence. At Learning Disabilities Network London, they provide education, assistance, and care to all young people and adults with learning disabilities. Also, LDN spent an entire year searching for support workers and hiring for several fascinating professions, including managers.

Support worker jobs are generally phrases for a goal who shares to work in a person-centered manner to ensure each person’s ambitions, needs, and interests are at the center of their care. A nonprofit organization called Learning Disability Network London (formerly known as the Westminster Society) offers services to persons with learning difficulties and their families. In addition, depending on the kind of help they provide, support employees may hold different job titles.

What does a learning disability support worker do?

To learn what the individual(s) needs to live their life as they choose to, support workers establish connections with them. You can be doing a variety of responsibilities depending on the sort of support work you conduct. There are two main categories of responsibility for a learning disability support worker:

  • promoting health
  • promoting well-being

Support worker jobs

Personal characteristics of support personnel.

They must be kind people who like helping others and can establish emotional connections even with different views. Moreover, they should be able to soothe agitated clients, know when to back away from challenging situations, and have enough moral courage to defend prejudiced clients.

At LDN, they encourage freedom and wellness, and support workers deal with persons with learning disabilities and autistic people. When necessary, they may also offer direct physical assistance. They could support housing guidance and aid in learning life skills, like friendship and emotional support. Thus, you may benefit from their support of children and adults aged 0-6 years old, 5-18 years old, and 18 years and older, including:

  • Family Support Service

The LDN family support service assists families and children with disabilities and special educational needs under 25 years old. You can visit families in their homes or other community-based locations, such as LDN Community Hub Westminster and Kids Can Achieve, Harrow, as part of the help, which can be ongoing or one-time. Support worker jobs, learn about the needs and strengths of each person to better address those needs, such as:

  • Giving directions, information, and referrals to services and sources of assistance, expert advice, and knowledge.
  • LDN workers offer emotional and specialized practical assistance, such as letter writing, phone calls, and attending meeting for their family’s service team.
  • Early Help and Portage

Early Help and Portage Service assist parents through the Education, Health, and Care Plan process and can serve as a point of contact for doctors and social workers. It also informs parents about the available programs.